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What are the differences in the 3 panel series? Which one is right for me?

For a detailed comparison of our THREE panel series see the chart HERE. Here's some quick guidance:. Mito Red Original 2.0 Series - if you think you'll only ever want one light, the Mito Red Original series provides unmatched power and value. MitoPRO

Does this have any Safety Certifications?

Mito Red Light devices are ETL Certified (5022991) meeting the highest electrical performance and safety standards in the industry. Mito Red Light has also registered with the FDA. Red and Near Infrared LED lights when designed and used properly are

What are the EMF levels?

There are four main areas of EMF that we discuss below:. RF (radiofrequency): Other than the MitoADAPT, none of our devices contain any bluetooth or WiFi transmitters. The bluetooth can be disabled on the MitoADAPT if the user desires to do so. Magne

What is beam angle and why does it matter?

Some LED light panel manufacturers use a wide beam angle of 90 degrees. The problem with using a very wide beam angle is that the power density drops quickly over distance. The angle that light comes out of a light source is the main factor in determ

Do the tabletop panels come with a stand?

Yes, the MitoPRO 300 and MitoADAPT MIN come with a robust 180 degree stand that is attached to the light (as shown in the product photos). The MitoMIN 2.0 comes with a kickstand as shown in the product photo.

What stand should I buy?

For our Adapt and Pro Panels, you can purchase a floor stand for one unit. If you would like to use multiple panels at once the Universal stand is a great option.

Can I use the light in my Sauna?

We generally do not recommend using our lights in any type of Sauna as regular exposure to high heat / humidity may reduce the life span of the LEDs.

Can the Lights be mounted from the wall?

We do not offer any wall mounts for our panels. We generally do not recommend hanging the panels from a wall as many of our panels are heavy and weigh over 20+ lbs.

Can you use an extension cord with the light?

Using a 3 prong extension cord is fine as long as the cord is rated for the power of the device(s). Some of our larger panels and multi-light arrays can draw significant current - it is important that the cord is rated to be able to handle the total