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Why should I buy from Mito Red Light?

BEST VALUE: Quite simply Mito Red offers the absolute best value and most effective red light therapy devices on the market today.  Irradiance is the name of the game when it comes to red light LED devices. Mito Red delivers exceptional power and per

How do Photobiomodulation (PBM) / Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) work?

The most well studied mechanism of action surrounding red and near infrared light therapy is increased MITOchondrial energy production in the cells. MITOchondria are tiny organelles that are the energy power plants of all the cells in our body. Red a

Are your lights third party tested and validated?

Our lights have been third party tested and validated by Independent Testing Laboratories in Colorado and/or Lightlab International in Pennsylvania. For more information see these articles:.

Are your lights "FDA Approved"?

Mito Red Light is registered with the FDA, however Mito Red Light devices are not FDA "approved". Mito Red Light devices are low / risk, general wellness products designed to affect the body through topical heating. Under the 1976 Amendments to the F

Do you offer a Military / Veterans discount?

Yes, we do offer a 10% Military discount. You can apply for the discount code at the link below.

How can I sign up for the newsletter and monthly giveaway?

You can sign up for our email list and monthly giveaway at the link below. Once signed up you are automatically entered into the giveaway each month!.

HSA and FSA eligibility

We recommend reaching out to your HSA/FSA provider to see if you are eligible for reimbursement for our products as HSA and FSA cards are typically not accepted directly.

Do you run any specials or sales?

We generally do not run any sales or specials as we strive to keep our prices low year round. We do offer a 10% Military / Veterans discount.